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Sat May 11 02:53:01 EDT 2002

Hi RAaaaaaaaaaaaa,

(hmm, almost stripped off an 'a' there ;-)

I'm inclined to agree with you that there should
perhaps be some sort of "time limit" -- it may seem a
tad unfair that we all pay for something that others
can use for free (with the exception of a few thigs
excluded from the kit).

But allow me to toss in a recent story: a friend of
mine who's in highschool was working on a project in
VB with a simple file list that he needed to upload to
an ftp-server.
The last day before it's due he still can't get it to
work decently with the inet objects, let alone
integrate everything with his list box.

After a medium talk with him, trying to help him all I
could with the VB-tools, I asked him if it _had_ to be
VB, or if he was willing to give RunRev a try.
At first he frowned a bit and was quite hesitant to
try, but no, the assignment alowed him to pick any
programming anguage he wanted.

So I told him to start downloading the starter kit
while I created a framework of the app for him. In
short, I talked him through adding the other things he
needed, so that he could plunge into RunRev.
The one thing that I did for him, was figuring out a
way to keep some scripts under 10 lines, once by
creating a chain of messages through the fields in

At any rate, he had a working app, no headaches or red
eyes from sleep deprivation, and now he's very
enthusiastic about RunRev -- especially when he saw
that he could distribute for Linux as well, from a
singe code-base.
And I'm sure the teacher was quite impresed to see how
RunRev handled it ever so gently with a simple

on mouseUp
global gConnectParams
set the itemDelimiter to "/"
repeat for each line theFilePath in fld "FileList"
  put "Uploading" && theFilePath into fld "StatusBar"
  put the last item of theFilePath into theFileName
  put URL("binfile:" & theFilePath) into \
    URL("ftp://" & gConnectParams & theFileName)
end repeat
put empty into fld "StatusBar"
answer "Done."
end mouseUp

Try beating _that_ with VB.

And what better marketing for a development tool, for
which the market _is_ infinitely smaller than say MS
Office, than to present you with something easier and
better than the competition?
The shortcut to a user's heart is solving his problem
when he's in deep troubles -- people don't forget that
quality so swiftly.

All in all, the Starter Kit is a great way to show off
the vast realm of programming possibilities RunRev
opens up for its users.
You're unlimited in the way that with a bit of
brainpower you can code anything within the limits
set, but that's still not very convenient, nor does it
provide easy maintainability.

As for tables, well they've been provided in MetaCard
2.4.2 (along with better regular expressions) iirc --
so we're eagerly awaiting a new build of RunRev to
give us all the goodies :-)
I don't think the Starter Kit is taking time away from
core development (a number of thing simply should be
done over at the MetaCard compound) -- and if you've
taken the time to study the timestamps on the emails
on this list from the RunRev team, you know they even
do that after hours.

So let me do something I should have done a long time
ago: congratulations over at RunRev for doing all this
fantastic work.

Best regards,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish
at the same time."  (De Rochefoucald)

--- RAaaaaaaaaaaaa at wrote:
> sqb,
> Yes, it was the "starter kit" that got me to
> purchase also... Without 
> "Seeing" it for myself, I never would have believed
> that Revolution was just 
> that, a "Revolution"!
> However, imagine what RunRev could do if everyone
> who used Revolution beyond 
> evaluation payed the license fee?  I'll bet with all
> that revenue going into 
> R/D and support (and some in the pockets of RunRev,
> they deserve it!), this 
> list probably wouldn't be necessary!  --  Heck, we
> might just see vertical 
> text, or REAL tables!!
> Look, if RunRev want's to release a product that
> people can download for free 
> and create the type of applications that you can in
> the "starter kit", that's 
> their buisness.  But what is the price?  Does this
> type of marketing turn 
> into a welfare type of situation?  Time and energy
> being spent on non-paying 
> clients instead of REAL issues.
> Once again,
> just one man's opinion
> Power to the Developer!  (Licensed, and non-licensed
> :)
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