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Fri May 10 04:06:01 EDT 2002

on 10/5/02 7:43 AM, David Vaughan at drvaughan55 at wrote:

>> I think for newbies like myself, having the ability to search the
>> descriptions in the Transcript Dictionary would be a useful new
>> feature. :-)
> ..even for middlebies and possibly oldbies.
> Did someone here once mention it can be done?

For everybies!  Using the find box in the Transcript Dictionary itself, type
a term and use option-enter to search through the text of entries (where
enter by itself would just search the entry titles).  This was new in 1.1.

This steps through each occurence of the term (ie if it appears three times
in one entry, option-enter will step through each occurence before moving on
to the next term where it appears).  The matching occurence is marked with a
box - but note that it doesn't scroll the text, so unless you've opened the
Transcript Dictionary into a long window, it may not be obvious.  There's
currently a minor bug that it queues up visual effects for each occurence,
so you get multiple ones when it goes to the next entry - I believe Jeanne
has already fixed this for the next release

You also might want to get Geoff Canyon's stack which rips the documentation
into a single big file in various formats (or the copies which people have
posted) - then you can use search in these files.
A thought for Jeanne, to help fill your copious free time: it might be
really useful to have a version of the index in the main documentation stack
(which offers a list of terms in the dictionary, filtered by matching some
text in the title) - a version which filters by matching some text anywhere
in the entry.   So if one searched for, say, "linefeed", rather than
stepping through each occurence of that word in each entry, you'd just get a
list of the matching entries, so you could immediately see which ones might
be relevant.  I certainly wouldn't object if it took a noticeable time to
build up this list - it would still be faster than the existing

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