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Fri May 10 01:47:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, May 10, 2002, at 02:40 , Dave wrote:

> Thanks David, for both the tip and the suggestion.
> What's sad, is that I did go to the Transcript Language Dictionary and
> filter through various keywords.  I used Application, Path, appPath,
> standalonePath, etc. No luck.
> I think for newbies like myself, having the ability to search the
> descriptions in the Transcript Dictionary would be a useful new 
> feature. :-)

..even for middlebies and possibly oldbies.
Did someone here once mention it can be done?

> Thanks again.
> -Dave
> On 5/9/02 10:04 PM, "David Vaughan" <drvaughan55 at> wrote:
>> On Friday, May 10, 2002, at 01:44 , Dave wrote:
>>> Is there a function that returns the path to where my rev app is
>>> located?
>>> I'd like to store of few text files in the data folder.
>> Dave
>> The property DefaultFolder contains the path from which the app was
>> started until you change it (which you can). You can find full
>> documentation under that name in the Transcript Dictionary.
>> The following is intended to help, not in the least to criticise,
>> because I know it can be hard to find a term in the TD if you are not
>> sure in the first place how it might be addressed. I and others have
>> found it helpful to go to the Transcript Language Dictionary through 
>> the
>> Help menu and click the check box which makes it the default entry when
>> choosing Revolution Documentation under that menu. The TLD page has a
>> set of filters which make it easier to find interesting things for 
>> which
>> you can check the definition in the TD by clicking on it.
>> While you are getting accustomed to that, feel free to keep asking
>> questions.
>> cheers
>> David
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