Lists as array elements

David Vaughan drvaughan55 at
Wed May 8 01:57:01 EDT 2002

 From a test on a three-line list I gather that there is no problem 
making a list an element in an array. For example, I did this in the 
message box:

   put "Matilda" & return & "or" & return & "Maud" & return into aList
   put aList into someArray[1]
   put someArray[1]

which ran to produce the output:


So far, so good. The idea is to be able to build multiple lists where I 
do not know beforehand how many lists there will be or what will be 
their identity. As each list completes I will write it to a separate 

Before I base my program on stuffing multiple 2000-line lists into an 
array as single elements, does anyone have experience or theoretical 
knowledge that this will collapse?


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