Dave Cragg dcragg at
Thu May 2 10:01:01 EDT 2002

At 9:49 am +0000 2/4/02, David Bovill wrote:
>Has anyone managed to set Cookies with libURL?

I've not done it, and don't know too much about the mechanism, but it 
should be possible using the httpHeaders property and the 
libUrlLastRHHeaders() function.

libUrlLastRHHeaders() returns the headers of the reponse to the most 
recent http request. You should be able to parse out the cookie 
header from this, and store it or whatever you need to do.

When sending a cookie from client to server, you can set the 
httpHeaders to something like:

Cookie: $Version="1"; Customer="WILE_E_COYOTE"; $Path="/acme"

(example from rfc 2965.  <>)

The httpHeaders gets set to empty after each request.

Dave Cragg

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