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Wed May 1 10:30:01 EDT 2002


> One thing I didn't get was Option Explicit. There is a similar thing in
> but I couldn't find out where to set it.

It's called the "explicitVariables", and it is a global property that is a
boolean. It defaults to 'false'. Usually it is put into a 'preOpenStack' or
'openStack' handler to get it started, and since it is a global property, it
lasts for the entire session. Use it something like this:

on preOpenStack
    set the explicitVariables to true
end preOpenStack

> I haven't found anything on TWAIN yet and a lot of what I do is
> graphical. Is there a way of accessing cameras and scanners in an app?

You can read and write directly to ports, but I don't know much about
accessing or controlling cameras/scanners directly.

> I think it would be great to have a site with a lot of little snippets of
> how-to code and mini tutorials similar to the tutorials built in.


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