Popup by card

David Vaughan drvaughan55 at mac.com
Sun Jun 30 00:15:01 EDT 2002

I am reinventing a HyperCard application which, among many other things, 
stores on a card the sector to which a company belongs. I used to enter 
this text in a field in the HC version but that led to errors of memory 
and of consistency - this data is used for grouping some reports.

I created two popup menu buttons, one for sector and the other 
dynamically changing its options for subsector. These work well and look 
attractive, except for the small detail that the sector is the same on 
every card. Unless I was to classify all companies as "accounting 
fraud"  I needed something local to a card. So I had these three ideas 
for the Rev implementation.

1. Create a hidden field or a property where I store the last selection 
and update the button display on preopencard. I feel it ought to be 
simpler than this. I would need the field anyway so I can sort by sector.

2. Take the popup menus out of the group and, when creating a new card, 
clone them. This should keep them independent but may add to maintenance 
woes. Can you sort by the label of independent buttons of the same name? 
Presumably not.

3. Ask you. Any niftier ideas, or something I have missed in the 


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