zip command?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Jun 28 11:57:01 EDT 2002

on 28/6/02 2:38 pm, Rob Cozens at rcozens at wrote:

> Chipp wants a compressed folder, not individual compressed files.
> The Rev Dictionary says compress works on a string.  How do you
> obtain a string containing a folder & its contents?

Apologies, failed to notice this.

Rev does not provide (AFAIK) an implementation of the (defacto) standard zip
archive, only of the compression algorithm on which that is built.   So if
the folder is to be decompressed by another program built in Rev, that's
fine; you can define is own format for packing a bunch of files, plus
whatever information you want to recover, into a single structure and then
zip that.

If it's to be decompressed by a third-party program, and so you want a
'standard' zip archive, then you either need to get the format for that (no
idea if it's published, but it might be) and implement it.... or on MacOS
use an external utility via AppleScript.... or you're out of luck.
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