zip command?

sims sims at
Fri Jun 28 06:08:01 EDT 2002

I want to make sure I understand this...

Chipp wants  to take a folder of compressed  files and create a 
single .zip file

IOW he has a few compressed files inside a folder and wants to zip them all
into one zip file.

The proposed answer seems to be:
  put compress(field "Outgoing") into URL "binfile:data.gz"

Does this mean that one reads all these compressed files
into this field and then compresses that field?

When you decompress this data.gz, will you then have separate
compressed files?

Sorry if I am being a bit dense here...     :-/



>on 28/6/02 5:04 am, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto at jeanne at wrote:
>  > At 8:58 PM -0700 6/27/2002, Chipp Walters wrote:
>  >> Does anyone know if it's possible to ZIP files in RR? I want to take a
>  >> folder of files and create a single .zip file. I know you can 
>compress them
>  >> to memory, but don't know if you can save the compressed stuff 
>into a file.
>  >
>  > put compress(field "Outgoing") into URL "file:data.gz"
>Jeanne meant to write:
>     put compress(field "Outgoing") into URL "binfile:data.gz"
>("file:" means treat the data as text, which means some bytes may get
>changed to reflect different line endings on particular platforms.  You
>don't want a hair on your data's head to be modified, so you need to use
>"binfile:" to specify that.)

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