Dave Cragg dcragg at
Fri Jun 28 03:58:01 EDT 2002

At 6:34 pm +0200 27/6/02, Marc Weeber wrote:
>hi there,
>I am very new to Revolution, but it seems like a very interesting
>programming environment for my goals, which is building a nice
>interface to some web services. My question is: is there a library
>for processing SOAP and/or XML? This may be a FAQ, if so, please
>refer me to the proper documentation.

Not yet, Marc, but SOAP support is being looked into. I'd be 
interested to hear what kind of support for SOAP you'd like to see.

Also, if your needs are simple, you can already access SOAP services 
using the post command and constructing your own SOAP envelope. If 
you need more information, let me know off the list.

Dave Cragg

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