Real-time video capture and analysis

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Fri Jun 28 03:03:01 EDT 2002

On 27/6/02 3:19 pm, Troy Rollins <troy at> wrote:

>> I'm working on it... What video functions does everyone need? I'm going
>> to use the quicktime sequence grabber for this, but perhaps I'll also
>> support the recording using the standard win32 api functions. I assume
>> you would like to be able to record a movie..display it on screen as
>> it's recorded, and save to a quicktime movie. I'll also be looking at
>> all the other video software.
> I imagine that this list could get quite long, although much of it would
> be covered by basic implementation of what QuickTime already offers.
> Another couple of things that would be great -
> Save selection (trim) - use the QuickTime native controls to select an
> in/out in an existing movie (or capture) and save just that section as a
> new movie.
> Add/remove track - the ability to add or remove a track in QT and resave
> the movie.
> More to come as I think about it. Is this list where such comments
> should be sent?

Send this stuff over to the improve list or direct to me and Tuviah.



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