That pesky Launch command and Photoshop

KEITH SPIELDENNER kspieldenner at
Wed Jun 26 16:11:01 EDT 2002

Here's a problem that exists on Windows systems, but not Mac.  I can use
"launch documentPath with applicationPath" to successfully launch a file
into Photoshop (both Mac & PC). However, on Windows, when the image opens,
the name of the file becomes the full path name that was passed through the
launch command.  The problem is that when you subsequently alter the image
file in Photoshop you can no longer use the Save command, only the Save
As... command.  Photoshop can't find the original file.  This becomes a
usability issue because the operator must use Save As... and drill back down
through dozens of folders to find the original location of the image to
Save/Replace.  When using the launch command on the Mac, or when opening a
file directly through Photoshop's Open command on a PC,  the file opens with
only the file name (no path) appearing at the top of the window. Save works
just fine in these cases.

As an attempted workaround, I set the defaultFolder to the image location
prior to calling the launch command, and only passed the name of the file
itself.  Photoshop interprets this to be an attempt to open a new blank
image, not the actual image.  

Any ideas for a Windows workaround?
Keith Spieldenner

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