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Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Wed Jun 26 12:52:01 EDT 2002

>A resizeIcon property would be useful, but if it resizes the image, then one
>has the caveat that if you want to use it in other instances at a different
>size... what happens?

Sivakatirswami, et al:

  I have done some testing in the current Rev environment (set the 
height/width of image id xxxx to the height/width of button 
"whatever"), and it is not a problem that can't be dealt with.

When I opened another substack with the same icon in a different 
sized button, it appeared correctly in both windows...until I closed 
the second stack or otherwise brought the first stack to the top. 
Easy fix: I moved the "set the height..." etc. statements from 
preopenStack into a resumeStack handler, and called resumeStack in 
preopenStack.  It works fine, but Revolution could save a lot of 
developers' time and scripting by making icon scaling a button 

One thing I have not tested is modal dialogs.  Since resumeStack is 
not sent when the dialog closes, I presume one would have to call 
resumeStack after each "modal" statement where icon size conflict is 
a possibility.

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