I Need Help

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Wed Jun 26 11:18:01 EDT 2002

Hi All,

I have encountered two problems I believe are interrelated:


Three card substack with menu group on all cards and record group on last card.

1.  I cannot select any control in the record group by clicking on 
it...the group is selected instead.  From the App Overview I can 
select each control, and all have layer numbers higher than the group 

2.  When I clone the substack, the controls in the group all receive id 0.

I've spent mucho time on this stack, including animations and 
geometry.  I'm reluctant to muck around here without some 
knowledgeable direction, especially since I'm still waiting for 
directions on purging a corrupted animation.

Waiting for a clue...

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

"And I, which was two fooles, do so grow three;
Who are a little wise, the best fooles bee."

from "The Triple Foole" by John Donne (1572-1631)

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