Server side applications

Troy Rollins troy at
Wed Jun 26 10:44:01 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, June 26, 2002, at 11:16  AM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> The provider will need to have your server software running on one of 
> their computers. I would suggest you make it a standalone unless you 
> want to do some debugging on the live system. There is no reason they 
> should have to buy a copy of Revolution just to host your application.

RunRev supplies versions of Rev which can be remotely installed on most 
commercial servers, which is what we have done on some of ours, which 
happen to be Linux based. This then allows the application to function 
as CGI from that server. The server facility does not need to buy a 
copy, nor do any configuration to support this - we do the entire thing 
as a remote process. Rev then functions similarly to Perl or PHP. But it 
is a different beast than normal Rev. It does not support GUI for one 
thing, so developing for it is a bit different than developing for the 
normal Rev standalone. As far as I know, standalones won't function from 
most commercial servers.

All that said, Bill is right that if your application wants to make use 
of server ports which are not traditionally supplied to you in a shared 
server contract, you will probably need to lease a private server.

RPSystems, LTD

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