The CURSOR curse

Mathewson richmond at
Wed Jun 26 03:24:01 EDT 2002

I thought I would be clever, so I dragged out Danny
Goodman's HC book from under the bed: and; blow-me-down if
the way to change cursors in HC is not 100% the same in
RunRev (a BIG, BIG thank you to Run Rev for being
conservative): just the same in the Transcript Dictionary
with RunRev.  Of course I got all damp and excited - I was
going to go completely OTT and change cursors like nobody's
business when......

I made a trial stack with a bloody great button in the
middle and typed in the following script to the button:

on mouseWithin
  set cursor to arrow
end mouseWithin

then went into browser mode and it didnae wark!

spent hours mucking around to no avail; so the big question


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