Ron rbarber at
Sun Jun 23 20:51:01 EDT 2002


I am setting up an application that can display dialogs, menus etc in a
variety of languages based on the user's choice. There seem to be several
ways to go about this and I would appreciate input based on your experience
and insight. Klaus uses a text file and then reads in the whole file to a
single userprop in the stack and then calls the needed item of that userprop
through judicious use of an itemdel. If I've understood Rob correctly, he
doesn't use userprops at all in his multi-lingual app. (thanks guys for your

My thought is to set up a custompropertyset in the main stack for each
language. Then set up a key for each necessary btn name, dialog etc. The
keys would then be referenced on open cd or open wd of the substacks.

This would avoid setting up custompropertysets and keys for each object
(which seems redundant and difficult to maintain) and would not create
another file to keep up with on the HD(easy enough to maintain but the small
possibility of having the file misplaced). But I wonder how hard my approach
would be to maintain and update/correct? Also, any memory issues concerning
reading the file after startup being better than including the data as part
of the app.? 


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