Newbie question

Klaus Major k_major at
Sun Jun 23 12:46:01 EDT 2002

Hi Glen,

> Hello:
> I've just started using Revolution, and I've got a few easy to answer 
> questions. I'm coming from a background of HyperCard and SuperCard, so 
> I'm not having too much trouble picking Revolution up. It was a bit of 
> a shock not to have data saved automatically as it is in HyperCard and 
> SuperCard, but the Rinaldi plugin works great.
> First question: If I create a stack in which the user creates new cards 
> within that stack, will those new cards be saved? My brief 
> experimentation doesn't indicate that.

Unfortunately i have little time, so i can just answer question 1:

No, they wont be saved automatically.

But just add this to the stack-script

on closestack
   save this stack
end closestack

That's all :-)


Klaus Major
k_major at

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