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Sun Jun 23 09:30:01 EDT 2002

on 6/22/2002 3:39 PM, Dar Scott at dsc at wrote:

> Keying and protecting software may be easier (or harder) in a few
> years in the US.
> Senate bill S.2048 (a suspicious looking number) might force
> changes in hardware and operating systems that can be used for
> protecting software.
> I don't like this bill.  First, it requires me to protect my
> software the government approved way.  Second, as a consumer, I
> don't want road blocks or expenses just because I might want to
> misuse copyrighted material.  Third, it is a great expansion of
> Commerce Clause interpretation of the Constitution that can only
> get worse.
> Whatever we come up with for protecting Revolution apps might be
> temporary.
> Dar Scott


They would be really, really stupid to pass this bill!

That of course is the really scary part!!!

The answer is of course to get everyone you know to
fight the bill.

Thanks for the information!

Rick Harrison

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