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yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Sat Jun 22 01:21:00 EDT 2002

>Hi Chipp
>I'm not sure what you mean the library is on my website for download??????
>Note to Yves (and others that have had a problem): The files are just native
>rev files so if you get a screen full of script then just click the back
>button and then use your browsers "save target as" function on the link.
>Remember to save the libXMLtext.rev file to your components/save/userscripts
>folder that the Script Library Installer created.
>Aha! I just realised you meant how to use it. If you use my Script Library
>plugin then you will be able to read the documentation stored in custom
>properties of the stack for more info.
>But here's a mouseUp handler just for a starter:
>on mouseUp
>	set the XMLTree of fld 1 to true
>	set the XMLText of fld 1 to "<hello handlerName="params"
>end mouseUp


I go on your website. There is a "download" hypertext:

Script Library

Download the Installer: ScriptLibraryInstaller.rev (196 KB)

  I click it. I come on another webpage with text. I ask "save as" in 
my browser (I.E.5.1). I save the file : ScriptLibraryInstaller.rev
Afterwards I launch "revolution", ask file open and try to open the 
file : ScriptLibraryInstaller.rev but I get an error message : there 
was a problem opening that stack : stack was corrupted by a 
non-binary file transfer.

The same happens for the libXMLtext.rev file.

How do i proceed ????
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