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Fri Jun 21 16:20:01 EDT 2002

>On Friday, June 21, 2002, at 04:47  PM, Ivers, Doug E wrote:
>>This only solves one of the two scenarios, right?  It doesn't 
>>prevent the valid customer from giving a friend a valid username 
>>and password to unlock it.
>Perhaps store the pref file in one of the "specialFolder"s? That 
>way, they can forward the entire application folder, but it will 
>again be an unlicensed copy.

right, thanks for the clarification.

Most people are going to copy the application and perhaps all the 
files in the folder it is in. They might have saved the username / 
password as a separate file and they might transfer that information 
also but most people (I think) tend to open the email with that 
information and paste it into the app and not save it as a separate 


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