Saving a page setup

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Jun 21 11:24:01 EDT 2002

on 20/6/02 12:07 am, Sarah at sarahr at wrote:

> What I would really like is a way to automate this by storing the two
> page setups and setting one to be active depending on the task. Is there
> any way to do this?

(cough) use RealBasic?

There are only two things I'm still using RealBasic for.  Accessing styled
text from the clipboard; and printing utilities, which need to be able to
store saved page setups (for example we have an app that accesses our
extranet contacts database, and among other things prints fax header pages,
address labels, or envelopes - three different saved page setups).

RealBasic does this fine - Rev/MC makes no provision at all.  You might want
to make this a feature request to Rev - there seems to be a blind spot about
the printing.
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