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Thu Jun 20 10:39:01 EDT 2002

on 6/20/02 11:15 AM, Dan Friedman at dan at wrote:

> I second this motion!  I too could really take advantage of this!  However,
> all I need to do is be able to set the paper size and orientation
> (landscape/portrait).  If anyone knows how to do this (for Mac or PC, or
> both) ... Speak up!  :)

Ah something I (think) I know!

Set the printrotated property to true (landscape) or false (portrait)
"set the printrotated to "true""

I don't know about paper size, but you can control the "printscale" of the

Or, at least on the mac, the "Answer printer" command will bring up the page
setup dialog which permits the print orientation to be changed.

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