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Klaus Major kmajor at
Thu Jun 20 05:31:02 EDT 2002

Bonjour Yves,

> Hi,
> I make a transition with the visual effect fro going from a cd to 
> another.
> BUT the new cd appears before the visual effect is done.
> I've tried to lock the screen, but the visual effect doesn't appear.
> How can I slow the "go next" so that the visual effect has done is 
> effect BEFORE the next cd appears ?
> thanks.
> -- Greetings.
> Yves COPPE

maybe the prop effectrate is the one for you.

It defines the duration in millisecs for the next transition "very slow".

set the effectrate to 1500
visual dissolve very slow  ## !!! oui, oui...
## yes, it's not easy to understand, but believe me and check it out ;-)
go next card

Hope that helps.

Au revoir

Klaus Major
kmajor at

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