OT - Sound Editing on OSX

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Wed Jun 19 14:02:01 EDT 2002

Cool, Scott! For future access, I have posted this workaround to the
MetaCard Tips area of my site:


Click on tip "osx002".


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> Recently, I wrote:
> >> (Unfortunately OSX appears to have [yet another] bug that causes audio
> >> to cut out periodically.  sigh.)
> Here's one (heinous) workaround for the OSX sound drop-out issue in
> Capture the level of the beep volume, set the beep volume to a very low
> number, play a beep, and the restore the beep volume.  I'm guessing this
> works because it forces the OS play a "required" sound.  In my tests,
> setting the beep volume to 0 did not solve the problem (it must be at
> 10), nor did setting the system volume level.  So far, the only fix I've
> found is via the following method (there may be others):
> (This can be called by a resumeStack handler and/or intermittently when
> stack is idle)
> on fixAudio
>   put the beepLoudness into tLevel
>   set the beepLoudness to 10
>   beep
>   set the beepLoudness to tLevel
> end fixAudio
> Disclaimer: I only claimed this can work; I did not claim it was pretty.
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