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John Rule johnrule at rcsprogramming.com
Wed Jun 19 03:21:02 EDT 2002

At 2:36 AM -0700 6/18/2002, John Rule wrote:
>>  I haven't been able to figure out my problem with 'load URL', and I am
>> sure it is something easy (but not easy enough apparently!). Whenever I
>> a URL to a cached URL, and then save the data to my hard drive, the file
>> somewhat corrupted. It is a zip file from a web-site, and I can
>> it to view the contents, but when I try to extract, I get the error that
>> is not a valid file...the details states that there is an extra 5k bytes
>> 'stuff' that it doesn't like...what am I doing wrong?

> Are you using "binfile" rather than "file" when referring to the local
> file? Zipped files are binary files, so you'll need to use the "binfile"
> scheme to avoid corruption.

Yup...that's what it were.

  I am loading the URL as a cachedFile, and getting the status while the
download is happening (it's sort of a big file). Everything worked but
that...and now everything does!


<This is awesome!>

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