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Tue Jun 18 08:23:00 EDT 2002

on 6/18/2002 7:12 AM, Mathewson at richmond at wrote:

> This is probably a massively naive question, but.........
> I am at present developing a CD-ROM based Musical
> Encyclopedia: this involves minimal
> programming, massive audio and graphic work and about 600
> hours in total.
> For this I am getting 2.5% royalties - or, to put it more
> concretely about 25p for every
> £10 CD.  Am I a complete sucker, or is this OK???
> I do need an answer to this as I will be negotiating a new
> contract for further development shortly.
> Mathewson


That's is too much work for too little pay.  They are stealing
your life's blood!

Take a look at the statistics for the average piece of software
out on the market as to the number of sales that are usually
generated.  Think of all the wonderful games out there that
have failed to sell.  Think of how huge the game market is.
Now remember that your application is not a game and is focused
on a much smaller market, just the musical education market yes?
What are the realistic numbers for the number of sales of this
CD-ROM?  How much money is the company putting behind the product
for their sales efforts, where are they going to advertise the

I personally wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole!

Good Luck,

Rick Harrison

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