entering text

Michael Foy mike at flightline.co.uk
Tue Jun 18 03:25:30 EDT 2002

Well almost, but font changes are a bit flaky,

ie I was cutting and pasting items of text from one field to another (in the
object properties window), now the text didn't change until I came out of
the text content field (where I had pasted it, (ie clicked on locked text
button)) then I could re-enter the text content field again to apply a bold
to the text, (but once again the text would bold in the actual field until I
clicked outside the content field
<does this make sense?> well I know what I mean, it's no harship, just a bit
annoying that's all


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> To  enter text directly into a field do this.
> First make sure that the locktext property of the field is disabled in the
> properties window
> Select the browse tool
> Type the text in the field.  That's it.

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