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Mon Jun 17 20:06:01 EDT 2002

>I used to have quite a few Hypercard books, but by far the best was 
>Michael Swaine´s Dr. Dobb's Essential Hypertalk Handbook, at least for 
>intermediate/advanced programmers. The best seller was Danny Goodman´s 
>book, but most of its content was a language reference (which is always 
>more convenient online than on paper). Swaine´s was shorter, but went much 

Coincidentally, I just got back from the library and brought home Danny 
Goodman's book (based on a previous recommendation) and the other book you 
mention above!  Earlier in the day I also found a CBT tutorial for 
Revolution's sister-program Metacard (mentally substituting "Transcript" 
where it talked about its "Metatalk" language) at the following link and 
opened and went through all 20 lessons in Revolution (I renamed the 
extension .rev since it didn't recognize the .mc extension).  It's an 
extremely (extremely) basic introduction, but somewhere to start if anyone 
asks.  It only addresses the scripting language, making the user type code 
into its interpreter and then executing it within its window.  The typing 
was very helpful since the literalness of much of the language still 
astonishes me (in a good way).

If all of  this doesn't get me started then it's time to learn violin.

Are any Transcript or Revolution books in the making?  Has there become a 
critical mass of users to make any publishers take note?  You'd think that 
a book about an easy-to-learn, cross-platform, multimedia-enabled, 
stand-alone executable producing programming environment (with the "Getting 
Started" edition on a multi-format CD) would attract a few takers.

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