Transcript - HyperTalk book?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Jun 17 13:51:03 EDT 2002

on 17/6/02 6:49 pm, Rik Panero at rikp1964 at wrote:

> is rendering Mac apps on anything other than the Mac platform
> impossible, or is it a feature that will be introduced eventually?

It's not impossible, but it's an impractical amount of work for the benefit.
I would think it very unlikely that this feature will be added.

> I've stumbled onto Revolution and am trying to make sense of it.  I do not
> have a Hypercard background but from what I can tell, Transcript syntax
> seems to be closer to HyperTalk than anything else.  Would a HyperTalk
> book  be the way to go?

on 17/6/02 7:17 pm, Judy Perry at jperryl at wrote:

> Actually, wouldn't a Transcript book/documentation be better?  See the
> website:  on sale until the end of the month for US$20 off.

But note that these are printed versions of the online documentation, which
isn't quite the same as a really good introductory book.

FWIW, I would recommend working through the online Rev tutorials, but then
using a good HyperCard book - almost everything in there (at least about
HyperTalk, as opposed to the environment) should work in Rev.  Rev just adds
a whole lot more good stuff!

on 17/6/02 7:13 pm, Bob Arnold at rfarnold at wrote:

> The RR documentation I use constantly is the Transcript dictionary -- I just
> wish the examples could be copied and pasted.

They can.  Hold down the option/alt key while you drag across the text of
entries in the Transcript Dictionary - it puts into the clipboard.

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