Japanese Market Warning

cowhead cowhead at ztv.ne.jp
Mon Jun 17 01:42:01 EDT 2002

Rob writes:
When Serendipity Library is released, it will include the capability
to load all menus, menuItems, tool tips, prompts, error messages, and
selected labels from a text file in any (Western at least) language:

This reminds me.  I've been meaning to warn everyone...regardless of the
language of your app, you cannot currently expect to sell ANY REV
application in Japan for Mac OS9.  When a rev app is launched on
Japanese OS9, it 'takes over' the system font and ALL menus etc. turn to
gobbledy goop (officially called 'moji bake').  Quitting the application
does restore the OS font.   However, not being able to do anything else
with the computer while running your app would likely be unacceptable to
most users.

Mac OSX-Japanese on the other hand, is just fine running a rev app.  I
don't know about Jpnese Windows.

mark mitchell

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