A problem with OSX and a question

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 16 14:56:01 EDT 2002

--- Combat Ranger Staff <combatranger at mac.com> wrote:
> Problem with OSX 10.1.5 is that when you try to
> build an OSX 
> distribution with 1.1.1 it saves it as a Classic app
> that doesn't open 
> in X. Anyone else experience this? This has only
> happened since the 
> 10.1.5 update to me and not with 10.1.4.
> Scripting question. I have a field that displays the
> path to a user 
> defined directory (called "field_path"). I want to
> click a second button 
> that downloads a text file from the Internet (http
> address) to the 
> directory specified in the text field. I can't find
> a "download and save 
> file" sort of thing in Transcripts keywords. I am
> able to script a 
> variable with the path name in it but can't figure
> out how to 
> load/get/save the file to that directory.

Hi David,

I can't help you with the first question, as I dont
have a MacOS X computer. But for your scripting
question: check out the 'put URL xxx into URL yyy'
  put URL "http://www.apple.com/" into URL \
    "binfile:" & cd fld "savePath"

That should do the trick.

Best regards,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish
at the same time."  (De Rochefoucald)

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