How to handle 'movestack' ??

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Sat Jun 15 19:24:01 EDT 2002

Thanks for the tips and the mc stack. Very cool! Couple of questions.

1) Why "set the lockLocation of img 1 to true" is this necessary?
2) Why "set decorations of this stack to empty" couldn't this be done only
3) Sometimes when doing a 'doCapture' the screen isn't finished redrawing
while the capture is done. Is there any way to make sure the screen is
finished redrawing? I know I can "send customMsg to me in 1 second" but I
thought there might be a "import snapshot wait until redraw" or something;-)

thanks again!


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> What I'm trying to accomplish is the illusion of creating a 'transparent'
> windwow, where after moved, moves offscreen, grabs what's underneath
> snapshot) put's it on the stack and moves in back onscreen --- all

Apparently you missed the post yesterday about code for dragging a window,
but regardless, you might want to try this:

Note: make sure to save the file to disk as opposed to opening it from the


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