Battling Windmills

David Vaughan drvaughan55 at
Sat Jun 15 18:02:01 EDT 2002

On Sunday, June 16, 2002, at 02:47 , Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> R.G. wrote:
> "...A reviewer must find at least one Con for the write-up.  It's good 
> when the
> Con is so trivial and such an easy one to fix :)..."
> I used to review concerts for National Public Radio (USA) affiliates.  
> I never felt any pressure to "find at least one Con".  But maybe things 
> are different in the computer magazine world, or the print world in 
> general.

There is a little rationality for it being different. The review is of 
products competing for purchase, rather than one in a series of events, 
so a "con" somewhere gives the verisimilitude of balance, and thus the 
author credibility for the next review. Perhaps they are also a little 
less courageous, so if the product is later found to be run like a 
one-legged dog then the author can refer to their critical bits :-)

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