Battling Windmills

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at
Sat Jun 15 11:49:01 EDT 2002

R.G. wrote:
"...A reviewer must find at least one Con for the write-up.  It's good 
when the
Con is so trivial and such an easy one to fix :)..."

I used to review concerts for National Public Radio (USA) affiliates.  I 
never felt any pressure to "find at least one Con".  But maybe things 
are different in the computer magazine world, or the print world in 
general.   Of course I realize that the general tone of the MacWorld 
review was very favorable, and that just the fact of the review's 
existence is publicity for the product.  I just have to admit I don't 
understand how the "star-ratings" are determined....maybe it's based on 
a complicated and secret formula that a mere mortal such as myself 
cannot hope to fathom  :-).

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