new card with other bg

Terry Vogelaar terry at
Sat Jun 15 09:30:01 EDT 2002

> I have a substack with a few cds with the same bg (= the same grp
> with the bg behavior property set to true)
> Now I'd like to create a new cd in the same substack but this one
> should have another layout.
> How can i create a new cd with another bg ?

Just make a new card with the 1st group. Then delete the group. You can do
that in the 'Application Overview' or you can deselect the 'Select grouped
controls' from the Edit menu, so you can select the entire group and delete
it. Then you can place your new elements on the card and group them.
Optionally you can set the bg behaviour on for that group as well. When you
are looking at a cd with this bg and you make a new cd, this bg will be
copied, and when you see a cd with that other bg, that one will appear on
new cds as well. When you know it, it is simple.


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