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> One thing I've always wondered....assuming the license is purchased via a
> credit card..why can't that persons name and credit
> card number be incorporated into the key.  Very few people are willing to
> give out CC numbers.  So that would at least limit
> the thiefs to those with stolen CC's, which has got to be a significantly
> smaller percentage of software thieves.

A great many stolen wares are purchased with stolen credit cards.  Such a
scheme would only perpetuate the original crime, and likely alienate a good
many legitimate customers.

Relax.  Remember, you can't stop piracy, only slow it down.  Since the dawn
of history there have been those who live of of other people's work.  A
clever reg scheme that cost you days to develop and turns off some
legitimate customers may, at best, dissuade a very few.

IMHO, use a reasonably-difficult-to-guess scheme and move on to better
battles.  Consider this:

After decades of developers knocking their heads against the wall seeking
the holy grail of The Unbreakable Reg Scheme, no single act has done more to
fight piracy than new legislation, specifically the DMCA.  While Draconian
in scope and arguably Orwellian in flavor, it clarifies formerly-gray areas
like unauthorized distribution of reg codes ("unlocking device") and scares
the bejeesus out of people -- this terror factor has already been cited as
the reason for Surfer Serials going away.

Fighting piracy is a big batle none of us small fry can win by ourselves.
But we can find those with greater resources whose interests are in line
with our own (MS, Adobe, a congresscritter up for reelection, etc) and help
them fight that battle for you. :)

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