QuickTime problems

Keith Whitney keith at hauck.com
Fri Jun 14 09:23:01 EDT 2002

I've created a simple stack containing cards with text fields and navigation
buttons - a PowerPoint-type presentation. The first card contains a simple
QuickTime movie of a logo animation done in Flash.

Everything works fine on MacOS X, but I'm having problems running the stack
on MacOS 9 and on Windows.

On MacOS 9, each time I press a navigation button, the last frame of the
QuickTime movie is drawn on the screen, then wiped away by the transition to
the selected card.

On Windows, the QuickTime movie doesn't play. I assume it's because
QuickTime isn't installed :) but I prefer not requiring any driver
installations. If I export the QuickTime as an AVI, can I assume most
Windows users will be able to view?


BTW, the Revolution manuals are excellent.

Keith Whitney
MIS Director
Hauck & Associates, Inc.
Washington, DC

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