Manuals have arrived!

Michael Foy mike at
Fri Jun 14 04:29:01 EDT 2002

good to hear from you again, been on holiday ? :-)

No because of our very strict quarantine rules, we have to wait another six
months for this to arrive.

I'd rather have a cat anyway

to all out there wondering about buying the book (a friend just called them
you get a pocket(large pocket that is) 375 paged user guide with an 'about'
, 'getting started', 'How to', 'menu' 'To (which is really another how to)',
'Why' and glossary sections
a Transcription Dictionary (A-M) 423 page
a Transcription Dictionary (N-Z) 349 pages (no there are no puppies here)

just what you need for in depth work, I shall be reading my copy tonight
before bed....


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> Hi Miock,
> look in the transcript dictionary under "P".
> There is this new function "puppy_create".
> Just open the message-box, type "put puppy_create() into my_living_room"
> (without the quotes, of course) and hit enter.
> Et voila, there's the puppy, even in europe :-)
> > I ordered the books yesterday and they arrived today and I am very
> > disappointed where's my puppy then, Marian got a puppy but nomatter how
> > hard
> > I've looked I am sans-puppy, is it only USA manuals that come with a
> > puppy,
> > well anyway the manuals are great even without the puppy
> >
> > miock
> Hope this helps.
> Best
> Klaus Major
> kmajor at
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