Old problem solved, new problems/questions!

Sarah sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Thu Jun 13 21:01:01 EDT 2002

> Why can't I use "H" as the command/control key activator for my menu 
> option
> to open my "Help" stack? Is it because it is in the "Help" menu which 
> starts
> with "H"? I couldn't get the "?" char to work either for some reason.
Both keys you chose require shift key which doesn't work with these 
shortcuts. Try setting the key to 'h' or '/' and see if that works.

> I imagine this is a really a dumb/dumber question, but how do I get a
> stand-alone with a user-settable checkbox button to come up again as it 
> was
> set by the user, retaining those settings? Must I write this info to a
> "prefs" file and read it back in on startup? Is there some really 
> simple way
> to store values in the application itself that I am missing? (basically 
> just
> button hilites and labels). -- they all come up "default" when the
> application is restarted. I stoopidly :) tried writing the values to a
> hidden field, but of course, the field came up with its original values;
> same difference, duh.
Applications can't save to themselves so you have a couple of choices:
- As you suggest, make a prefs file
- Use the splash screen method, where part of your app is writable and 
part not. You can do this by splitting the stack file into substacks 
when you build. The first stack will be the application and not writable 
but the others will save OK.


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