New Documentation--where is it?

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Thu Jun 13 18:17:01 EDT 2002

Good news is:

Manuals arrived in Hawaii today. Fantastic!
Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) from the middle of the Pacific
to Jeanne and the RunRev team.

Strange news is:

Don't see the online documentation described in the manuals in my version of
Revolution... I click for online updates and am told I have the latest
version of Revolution. (1.1.1b2)

when selecting Rev documentation from the help menu we see the old:

Learning revolution
Using Revolution
Application Reference
Finding Help:
[and their subsections underneath each one]

and not what is stated in the manuals:

Transcript Dictionary
How To:
Using the Starter Kit

What do I need to do?

as for the discussion about "hidden" links. Why not make that a preference
under the documentation preferences?: to set the link underlines on or off
or to colorize the word with very dark, lo contrast, blue (a good
suggestion) or go all the way... let the user pick his own color! Maybe
today if we are feeling sleepy so we want bright red links! just for
fun...(smile... HIG do not cover all conditions)

Agreed that most or some significant percentage, of developers probably
love colored mark up in their code anyway--I couldn't live without that in
BBEdit or GoLive--so, why not here?

If you wanted to train a new generation of Revolutionaries (we have
volunteer wizards on our "remote" team of collaborators who are just age 13,
but who can tear a PC apart and write PERL with their eyes closed, who start
drooling when they look at xTalk) then turning on those links turns the
documentation into an educational tool of serious dimensions, since, not
only is transcript syntax being transmitted, but even core essentials to
programming, through the "trivial" words deemed don't warrant hilitation?
(new word...)

Then, set up a distribution mechanism to "give away for free" starter kits
to 10,000 kids around the world, and when they hit age 18 they will all be
chomping at the bit to purchase a license! And Rev team can all charter a
junket and come visit us here on Kauai.

Given that scenario, a strong case could be made that the default should be
that those links are checked on from first boot.

2 cents from under a mango tree.

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