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Thu Jun 13 14:47:00 EDT 2002

> I had that idea of pulling their IP address. I need something else though,
> that isn't so personal. Something like what Extensor said. I'd like to
> how you pulled their IP Address and other things. I'd also like to know
> Extensor pulled their information, and how he got it back to him. Derek,
> did you get that information back to you?
>     I thought of it as when they register it, the program would send me
> information about their computer, and what key they used, to me, via
> Then, if I saw someone registering with the same Serial Number, I could
> that information that I gathered from their computer, and like Derek said,
> prosecute the original person that gave the serial number away.

Originally I setup the pirate checker like this:  I had a line by line list
of Pirated serial numbers setup in a plain text file on my web site.  When
someone loaded the program, it would download this list and check it's
registered serial number against the list of pirated ones.  If it got a
match, it would unregister the software and that would be that.

Later on when I got the idea for the IP tracking I decided that I would have
to go a little further than what I had previously done.  Instead I wrote a
Perl script that would gather information about the user (IP, etc) and would
record them to a log only if their serial number matched that of a pirated
serial.  And all that had to be done in the program is a simple call to the
Perl script's URL and it was done.

Then all you have to do is track the IP to the ISP and boom.  Make sure you
have a log though.  Not having proof can really hinder your efforts.

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software, Inc.

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