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Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Jun 13 09:58:01 EDT 2002

on 13/6/02 12:35 pm, Heather Williams at heather at wrote:

>> Is it possible to prevent the inconsiderate members of the list from
>> posting the additional HTML version of their important message?
>> Either that or block all their posts? I'm on digest mode.
> I do send out reminders on this from time to time... Sent one quite
> recently. I can't block posts that have html added. You should bear in mind
> that it is easy to do accidentally and forget that you have the html
> settings on, especially as if you post in that format you usually can read
> it too without it becoming garbage. However, on the digest it always comes
> out garbled, and causes annoyance. So if we could all be a little careful...

For anyone using Outlook Express on Mac (at least version 5.02, no idea what
other versions it will work on) I have an AppleScript that strips the HTML
portion of messages.  I have it in the scripts menu to apply to messages
from my colleagues; but I also have Outlook Rules arranged to automatically
apply this script to all mailing list messages (it files use-rev and
improve-rev automatically into particular folders, and runs this script on
them as it does so).

If anyone else is using Mac OE and would like a copy of this script, drop me
a line.
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