Pass parameters to rev app?

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Wed Jun 12 20:58:00 EDT 2002

Hi Bob,

Keep your hair on :-)  I don't have a solution but I have a few ideas 
you could try.

1. Sprinkle your scripts with "answer" commands to show you where you 
get to before it crashes.
2. Are you compiling into a single file or separate stack files? If the 
files are separate, then each file is it's own "mainStack" which may be 
causing a few problems.
3. If you are using lots of graphics, does your app have enough memory 


On Thursday, June 13, 2002, at 11:35  AM, Bob Arnold wrote:

> Fellow RunRevvers,
> If I am asking for too much help, please let me know. I am frustrated 
> by two
> distinct conditions in an application I am designing. I will present 
> one of
> them now to see if someone can help me.
> This application, a demonstration of basic motion picture camera 
> functions,
> is basically a stack, in this case it is a MainStack with 4 SubStacks, 
> with
> a lot of imported graphics (jpegs). I want to provide a "Presentation 
> Mode"
> for film teachers who might project this application in the classroom. 
> In
> the Presentation mode invokes the backdrop feature (with a user 
> selectable
> color), hiding the MacOS menubar, and setting all the stack decorations 
> to
> "" (empty). If the "Presentation Mode" is active, the command returns
> everything to its previous "default" state.
> Here's the problem: in the development environment, this process works
> flawlessly, coming and going. However, when I build a MacOS stand-alone
> application, the process will always crash the application on the second
> invocation (un-doing the presentation mode and returning to normal). I 
> can't
> figure out what is the cause of the problem, and it is frustrating 
> that I
> can't recreate the problem in the development environment.
> Here are the scripts I am using, invoked by a menu option which calls 
> the
> "PresentMode" handler, which then calls the SetStacksDec handler, both 
> of
> which are in the stack script of the MainStack:
> on SetStacksDec
>   put the mainstack of this stack into MainN
>   put the substacks of this stack into theList
>   put the number of lines in theList into howmany
>   put the decorations of stack MainN into CurDec
>   repeat with x = 1 to howmany
>     put line x of theList into stackN
>     if "Help" is not in StackN then
>       set the decorations of stack stackN to CurDec
>     end if
>   end repeat
> end SetStacksDec
> on PresentMode
>   put the mainstack of this stack into MainN
>   open stack MainN
>   put the substacks of stack MainN into stackL
>   repeat with n = 1 to number of lines in stackL
>     put line n of stackL into StackN
>     close stack stackN
>   end repeat
>   if the backdrop is "none" then
>     put the label of cd btn "color" of card "Prefs" of stack MainN into
> TheColor
>     set the backdrop to theColor
>     if "MacOS" is in the platform then hide menubar
>     set the decorations of stack MainN to ""
>   else
>     set the backdrop to none
>     if "MacOS" is in the platform then show menubar
>     set the decorations of stack MainN to "default"
>   end if
>   SetStacksDec
> end PresentMode
> Again, when running the stand-alone MacOS PPC application, the command 
> works
> fine to set the Presentation Mode, but crashes whenever I try to reset 
> it,
> but this problem never occurs when I am working on the stack.rev in the 
> RR
> development environment.
> Any ideas what is going wrong?
> All help will be much appreciated and may save me from pulling the rest 
> of
> my hair out, of what little remains.
> Much newbie thanks,
> Bob
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