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Kevin Miller kevin at
Wed Jun 12 10:28:01 EDT 2002

On 12/6/02 4:18 pm, Ben Rubinstein <benr_mc at> wrote:

> I say unconsciously because I couldn't tell you what the things are that I
> don't do because they would crash - I've just developed certain habits of
> working with Rev and oh look, I don't crash much now.  Unfortunately, as
> others observe, this may mean I'm missing out on good stuff because of
> something that used to crash - but to be honest, whatever I was doing I'd
> get into habits of working, and miss out on good alternatives!

I'm guessing that a good part of it is that Rev *is* a lot more stable since
1.1.1.  The number of problem reports we've had about it have crashed
through the floor - and that¹s the kind of crash I like.  However we do know
that there is a good way to go in terms of overall polish and refinement for
the product (we're only at 1.1.1 after all) and we're working away on it.

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