Illegal Numbers, Morality and Money

Mathewson richmond at
Wed Jun 12 03:39:00 EDT 2002

I am working on a contract developing a Musical Encyclopedia
for Scottish secondary schools: For this I am using the
unlicensed version of RR - as this is:

1.   The first ever piece of software I have earned more
than a cup of coffee for,

2.    I don't need the extended scripting facilities of the
licensed version,

3.    At present I don't have the money.


4.    I am extremely grateful that RR allows me to do this,

5.    As soon as I get my first pay (on project completion)
I shall buy the manual.

6.    As soon as I begin to get royalties I shall pay for
the full licensed version.

I belive that RR have taken a very intelligent, generous,
and sadly old-fashioned approach to licensing their
software:  the developer gets unlimited time to 'play' with
it, and then s/he should be honest.

That the world is full of moral shits we all know - but I,
for one, have no intention of joining them.  I will get paid
for my work: my work rests on the shoulders of the RR team
(I have never been that good with machine code!): therefore
they should get some of the benefits.

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