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Tue Jun 11 20:32:01 EDT 2002

Put the email address in the field and make it's style "Link". Lock the 
Then put this script in the field:

on linkClicked pLink
   revGoURL "mailto:" & pLink
end linkClicked

If you want to add a default subject use
	revGoURL "mailto:" & pLink & "?subject=Very important stuff"
but this may not work with all emailers (although it shouldn't cause any 

Note that this script assumes that any linked text is an email address. 
If you have other links, you will need to check pLink first to see how 
you should handle it.


On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 11:20  AM, Bob Arnold wrote:

> Hello!
> How can I activate a text link in a field to send an email message? The 
> link
> text would be an email address -- but how do I get the RR script to 
> open the
> user's default email application and address a message to the 
> recipient? All
> help will be immensely appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Bob Arnold
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> Robert Arnold
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> Boston University
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