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David Vaughan wrote :

>Well, I tried it, and Jeanne is right. Reading variable text colour was really
irritating. Your response may be different of course.
>I think a panel or multi-pane idea sounds neater.
The original question was how to make those ³irritating² hidden links
visible and it became irritating text colours. Which of course it would be
if it was real literature and not a developing environment. But as this is a
³very nice and friendly² development environment, everybody can adjust it to
its own taste and preference with minimal effort.

>However, while we are near the subject, the only thing that really vexes me
about help is the fact that the Transcript Dictionary insists on remaining
>behind an open script window. This is the time I am most likely to open the
Dictionary and means I must either rearrange windows or close the
>script and reopen it immediately after. Is there a property I can change which
will allow the Dictionary window to foreground over the script window >when
clicked? Yes, I can look for one might know it now.
It is possible to use the ²palette²  incantation on the stack you want to
float over the script window by using the messagebox. Or if you own a
license, change the script in the stack to do this or whatever other way.


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