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Mon Jun 10 19:33:01 EDT 2002

People, this is at least the third time to my knowledge that Mr 
Doornberg has solicited theft. In one of my previous responses I 
proposed that if he is skilled in Rev then he should be able to build an 
application prototype with which to obtain initial funding to get at 
least a small business licence. However, if he is not so skilled then 
why do we continue to make our intellectual capital available to someone 
who by their repeated behaviour displays an offensive lack of ethics or 
morality. Would you do business with this person?

If I am out of line here then Kevin or someone is welcome to slap me 
down, but I personally would like Mr Doornberg removed from Rev's 
mailing list. Yes, I know he can download another starter kit under a 
new mail name but he can also be removed at each theft request, his 
alternative being to stay quiet and learn.

Opinions? Your response, like this, is available to S. Doornberg of 


On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 09:58 , Tomas Nally wrote:

> Message: 10
> Servaas Doornberg <servaasx at> said
>> Could somebody mail me the serial to Revolution 1.1? Thanx
>> Doesnt have to be a legal one, illigal is just fine.
> Well, I don't have a license, but I'd be very happy
> to send you a couple thousand dollars.
> Would one hundred twenty-dollar bills (US) be OK?
> If that's not enough, just let me know.
> How silly that some people--after amassing extraordinary
> intellectual capital and investing their brains, sweat, and
> warrior work-ethic into a product--think that they
> should actually charge money for the product.
> Go figure.
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