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On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 06:46 , Bob Arnold wrote:

> on 6/10/02 3:44 PM, Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like banana 
> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> For those who don’t want to play hide and seek with those hidden links 
> in the transcript dictionary just enter in the messagebox :
> set the linkcolor  of stack "revdocslanguagereference" to blue  -- or 
> whatever color name or triplet you like
> If this already in the archives disregard this mail (as a newbie I 
> didn’t have time to explore the archives yet)
> Greetings
> Wouter
> Wow, not only does this provide a simple and practical solution to the 
> issue at hand, it also illustrates the user-friendliness and power of 
>  of RR! (I imagine textstyle could be changed as well, or font, etc. to 
> make everyone happy. ”Dark Blue” works well for me, but add the 
> parentheses).

Well, I tried it, and Jeanne is right. Reading variable text colour was 
really irritating. Your response may be different of course. I think a 
panel or multi-pane idea sounds neater.

However, while we are near the subject, the only thing that really vexes 
me about help is the fact that the Transcript Dictionary insists on 
remaining behind an open script window. This is the time I am most 
likely to open the Dictionary and means I must either rearrange windows 
or close the script and reopen it immediately after. Is there a property 
I can change which will allow the Dictionary window to foreground over 
the script window when clicked? Yes, I can look for one might 
know it now.

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> Boston University
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